Keith Powers, CDRE

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Location: Newport Beach, CA

Keith Powers is a CDRE (Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert) and trained neutral in family law cases involving real estate matters. He has built a team of over twenty professionals, which includes the area’s most knowledgeable CDLP’s (Certified Divorce Lending Professionals), CDFA’s (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst), as well as other experts in mortgage, title, insurance, property condition and property appraisal to provide support to local family law attorneys and mediators.

Services and Billing Rates:

Property Profile (FREE)

  • Report will answer these questions:
    • Who’s on Title?
    • Who’s on Mortgage?
    • Any Outstanding Loans?
    • Are Property Taxes Current?
    • Who has owned the property since built?
  • Are there any of the following:
    • HOA Lien?
    • Mechanics Lien?
    • Notice of Solar?
    • HERO / PACE Loan?
    • Reverse Mortgage?
    • Any foreclosure Activity?

    Fair Market Valuation (FREE - $350)

    • “High/Low” Property Value Range (FREE)
    • Not for Settlement

    Court Ready Fair Market Valuation ($350)

    • For Settlement
      • Includes an on-site property condition review to generate a specific Fair Market Value for the subject property, with a detailed report that explains how the FMV was determined.

    Homeowner Lien & Judgment Search (FREE)

    • Use this report to confirm there are No Outstanding Liens or Judgments against either homeowner that could be attached to the house after the divorce.

    -   County Tax Liens

    -   State Tax Liens

    -   Federal Tax Liens

    -   Judgments

    -   Child Support Liens

    Free Home Refinance Consultation with CDLP (FREE)

    • Have a Certified Divorce Lending Professional confirm that the house can be successfully refinanced to get spouse off the mortgage before negotiations are finalized.

Sale of Residential & Commercial Property

Listing Agent Commissions - Negotiated based on circumstance.

Expert Witness Testimony

  • $600 Minimum (3 Hours of Court Time)
  • $100 Each Additional House