About DREI

The Divorce Real Estate Institute was founded in January 2018 by Laurel Starks, a nationally recognized expert in divorce-related real estate and author of the bestseller, The House Matters in Divorce.

Starks, a California-based REALTOR®, created the DREI to educate real estate agents about the emotional, financial, and legal intricacies that come with the sale of a home during a divorce, and to fundamentally transform the collaboration between the real estate and family law communities. Through the training provided by the DREI, real estate agents will be uniquely equipped to serve family law professionals in their areas who represent couples going through a divorce, therefore reducing the stress and liability for all parties involved.

The CDREâ„¢ Certification Program, which is the first formal education of its kind in the real estate industry, is designed for agents who plan to pursue divorce real estate as a business model. Students receive a six-month education, beginning with 40 hours of in-person education, and followed by an online classroom with peers and the esteemed DREI faculty, which includes attorneys, a family court judge, and a certified divorce lending specialist.