Raising the Bar in Divorce Real Estate

Simply put, no one does what we do.

The sale of a house is one of the "Big Three" rocks in a divorce case. We understand a lot is riding on it. There are no short cuts to education - family law is too important for that. We seek out agents who are the best of the best, and develop them to become the crème de la crème in divorce real estate. Our training program is the most comprehensive there is in our industry. 

We not only raised the bar, we set it. Every case deserves a Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert ("CDRE"™). 

A CDRE™ isn't just any agent... 

Divorce listings are some of the most complex listings a REALTOR® will encounter in their career. While a standard real estate listing is usually by choice and the homeowners have the same motivation, a divorce listing involves two parties who do not see eye to eye, whose motivations often differ, the conflict is high, and decisions are being made that are often not by choice. In addition, a legal process is going on and the sale of the house is under the jurisdiction of the court, making divorce real estate a different ballgame than any other type of real estate transaction. 

We have found that more than 99% of Realtors have no specialization training in divorce. This is shocking, considering that the house is usually the largest and emotionally driven asset in the case. The stakes are high. The proceeds from the house are used to fund the future of the divorcing couple and every penny counts. The cost of hiring an untrained REALTOR® can run in the tens of thousands of dollars.

A REALTOR® who does not understand the dynamics and sensitivities going on in divorce can escalate conflict, pouring salt into emotional wounds that causes further pain by not understanding the importance of communication and neutrality. To those of us at DREI, that is unacceptable. We are committed to protecting homeowners of divorce by ensuring their REALTOR® has the knowledge, skills and tools to successfully represent them.

DREI Faculty

The Divorce Real Estate Institute’s faculty is comprised of family law attorneys, divorce mediation specialists, divorce lending experts, and a family court judge. It’s helmed by Laurel Starks, a nationally recognized expert in divorce-related real estate and author of the bestseller The House Matters in Divorce.

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