Keith Powers, CDRE

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Location: Newport Beach, CA

Keith Powers is a CDRE (Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert) and trained neutral in family law cases involving real estate matters. He has built a team of over twenty professionals, which includes the area’s most knowledgeable CDLP’s (Certified Divorce Lending Professionals), CDFA’s (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst), as well as other experts in mortgage, title, insurance, property condition and property appraisal to provide support to local family law attorneys and mediators.

Services and Billing Rates:

  • Property Profile - No Charge
    • Report includes:
      • Property Owner(s)
      • Assessor Parcel Number
      • Legal Description of Property
      • Property Characteristics (Beds / Baths / Year Built / House & Lot S.F.)
      • Sales & Loan History
      • Assessment / Property Tax Info
      • Chain of Title
      • Plot Map
      • Grant Deed
      • Deed of Trust
  • Fair Market Valuation
    • Desktop Comparative Market Analysis – No Charge
      • This comparative property analysis will be prepared, utilizing recently sold information from the MLS, on similar homes to the subject property, without going to the property and viewing the inside of the house.
      • This property valuation will be more accurate than using online websites, like “Zillow”, to determine a home's value, but not as accurate as observing and evaluating the condition of the inside of the house before preparing the CMA.
    • On-Site Comparative Market Analysis – $250
      • I will go to the property, and examine the inside and outside, to determine its condition and marketability.
      • This valuation will be more accurate than a desktop CMA because I will be able to consider the finishes of the property and determine its overall condition and marketability compared to similar properties recently sold in the area.
      • I recommend this property valuation for mediation cases.
    • Court Ready Fair Market Valuation – $350
      • ​This real property valuation would be most useful in litigation when the property valuation, most likely, will need to be explained in court.
      • If you anticipate the property valuation will need to be explained or defended in court, then I recommend this valuation.
      • In this case, I can appear in court as an expert witness.
        • Expert Witness Testimony - $250 per hour or $2,000 flat per day.
  • Homeowner Lien & Judgment Search - No Charge
    • Report includes:
      • All current liens & judgments against homeowners that may not be attached to the house.
  • Free Mortgage Consultation with CDLP (Certified Divorce Lending Professional)
    • If husband or wife plans to keep the house after divorce, the mortgage typically must be refinance to remove the other spouse from the mortgage.
    • Knowing if husband or wife can qualify to refinance the mortgage, early in the divorce process, will save time & money.
  • Sale of Residential & Commercial Property
    • Listing Agent Commissions - Negotiated based on circumstance.
  • Expert Witness Testimony - $250 per hour or $2,000 flat per day