How to Approach Divorcing Homeowners to Become Their Realtor of Choice

I’m here to talk to you about our next tip of the day in regards to divorce real estate and that is how do I approach divorcing homeowners about being their Realtor of choice?

Maybe you heard through the grapevine that someone is getting divorced or maybe you are trolling public records that tells you when people are getting divorced. You may be thinking “hey, they may have a house to sell and it could be a potential source of business.”

But, here is the correct answer – you don’t want to do that and there are three main reasons why.

First, it is a safety issue. A lot of times in divorce cases there has been domestic violence going on. Someone who is filing for divorce might be strategically timing the service to the other spouse so they are safe.

Maybe they and their children need to get to a safe place, so they wait to file until they are in that safe place because they know once they serve the otherside violence might erupt.

If we’re trolling public records we don’t know if someone else has necessairly been served, so if we come in and let’s say call the wrong spouse, then we could be potentially putting someone else in danger.

Reason number two is there are ATROS (Automatic Temporary Restraining Orders). ATROS are in place in a divorce case, which prevents other parties from doing certain things where the court has jurisdiction over everything.

It is not a unilateral decision. Someone can’t just make a decision to sell the house without having either an order by the court or without having full agreement from both sides. Even if both sides do agree they may not agree on who to use as their Realtor.

The third reason is if they do not agree by stipulation then the court needs to make an order. A lot of times courts will not hear the issue until the time of trial and how long do you think trial takes?

A lot of times it could be years before or at the very least many months before the sale of the house gets brought up at trial. Again a long time from filing, so the timelines aren’t necessarily congruent.

Those are the three biggest reasons why it is better to build a business and be a resource to attorneys, which is really the best thing you can do because they are the ones that have control of the case.

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