Find a Certified Divorce
Real Estate Expert

The Divorce Real Estate Institute exists to fundamentally transform the collaboration of real estate and family law professionals, such that every divorcing couple is ensured the best possible outcome when untangling the legal, financial, and emotional ties to their house.

What can a Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert do for you?

Certified Divorce Real Estate Experts are trained to handle these issues - and any others that may occur during a divorce sale. In earning their CDRE designation through the Divorce Real Estate Institute, our graduates are uniquely equipped to serve family law professionals who represent couples going through a divorce. As unbiased, neutral third parties, CDREs can mitigate malpractice exposure by educating family law professionals on real estate matters that will help them better represent and advise their clients.

CDREs are trained to:

  • Mediate disputes between the divorcing couple.
  • Interpret real estate-related documentation and contracts.
  • Testify as expert witnesses.
  • Understand the legal process, including when, how, and if to involve the attorney and the court.
  • Handle all issues related to the property to free up the attorney and allow them focus on the big picture.
  • Support the divorcing couple and maintain open lines of communication among all parties throughout the transaction.
  • Be sensitive and navigate through the intersection between the legal, emotional, and real estate processes that are happening simultaneously.

DREI Faculty

The Divorce Real Estate Institute’s faculty is comprised of family law attorneys, divorce mediation specialists, divorce lending experts, and a family court judge. It’s helmed by Laurel Starks, a nationally recognized expert in divorce-related real estate and author of the bestseller The House Matters in Divorce.

Laurel Starks – DREI Founder & President
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